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  • Announcing ElectronDisplay.jl


    ElectronDisplay.jl is a package that provides a simple UI based on Electron for displaying plots and tabular data. It works with most plotting packages and almost all data structures that represent tabular data in the Julia ecosystem. The package is a core piece of the Queryverse.

  • Query.jl v0.11 released


    We just released Query.jl v0.11. The new version adds four new standalone query operators: @select, @rename, @mutate and @unique. We also fixed a number of bugs and wrote a bunch of new documentation. Finally, the standalone versions of the query operators are no longer considered experimental, so feel free to use the versions that use the pipe operator |> without any worries that they might go away in the future. The rest of this post will showcase the new query operators we added.

  • Welcome to the new Queryverse homepage


    Welcome to the new homepage for all things Queryverse! Going forward we will use this blog to announce new features and generally explain the packages that make up the Queryverse.

  • Query.jl v0.10 released


    I just released Query.jl v0.10. This is the first version that is compatible with julia 1.0, and at the same time it drops support for older julia versions.

  • Youtube tutorial - Introduction to Queryverse.jl


    I recorded an online tutorial to the Queryverse.jl last week. You can watch the tutorial here.

  • Query.jl v0.9.x released


    I just released Query.jl v0.9.0. The new version adds the @take and @drop standalone query operators and brings pretty printing to uncollected queries.

  • Query.jl v0.8.x released


    I just released Query.jl v0.8.0. The new version has some breaking renames in the experimental parts of the package (that is why they are experimental!), extends the set of experimental standalone query commands, adds a slight twist to the experimental anonymous function syntax and ships with a whole bunch of package refactoring under the hood.

  • Query.jl v0.7.x released


    I just released Query.jl version v0.7.1. The v0.7.x series includes a number of smaller improvements and some major new experimental features. This post describes and explains all new features included in this release.