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How to contribute to the Queryverse

A large project like Queryverse requires a lot of work, and we welcome support in whatever from from anyone. If you want to help out, here are some concrete ideas.

Help other users

Many users ask questions about Queryverse packages in various online forums. Answering their questions and helping them with their problems is an excellent way to contribute to the Queryverse!

The main online places where Queryverse users ask questions are the Data category on the general Julia Discourse forum and the data channel in the Julia Slack room.

Create Learning Materials

Writing more documentation, better tutorials, or creating other learning materials like video tutorials is another fantastic way to help with the Queryverse.

For packages that have their documentation in their README.md file, you can simple open a pull request with a change to that README file to incorporate your improvement.

Packages that have more extensive documentation typically have a docs folder that contains Markdown files with the documentation. To make contributions there, simply open a PR with edits against these Markdown files.

The content of this webpage is hosted at https://github.com/queryverse/queryverse.github.io. If you want to improve this homepage, please open a pull request in that repository.

If you created some learning content that is hosted on its own site, please open a PR against this homepage with a link to this material, so that other folks can more easily find it. Such links should go into the "Learning" section of the site.

Find bugs

Every software has bugs, and the Queryverse is no exception. If you find one, please report it back to us. Bug reports from the real world are incredibly valuable. The best way to report a bug is to open an issue in the github repository for the package with the bug.

Work on the code of the packages

We greatly value help with the actual code of the packages themselves! The general workflow there is simple: just open a PR with your improvement on the relevant package github repository. If you plan to make larger changes, it is probably a good idea to first open an issue where we can discuss such proposals before you start to work on the actual code.